I am in the horror movie, “House Red” as the village mayor, which is still in post-production. Here is an article on IMDB.


Here is a clip from the feature film documentary, ‘Botticelli Inferno’.

2017 November: World Premiere
‘Botticelli Inferno’, feature documentary. Wearing the T-shirt especially designed and printed for the shoot by the writer/ director, Ralph Loop.
I am grateful to Ralph Loop, the writer / director, who took the time and the trouble to edit together some of the street interviews that I conducted in the film. The place was the Piazza di Santo Spirito in Florence; the topic was Botticelli’s Map of Hell, based on the writing of Dante. The question to the passers-by was: what is is your idea of hell? (Almost lost my voice that weekend after singing at an open air gig, performing 90 minutes of improvised drama and then the flight to Florence for a night shoot).

I have presented and conducted interviews in the past for corporate clients (e.g. Lufthansa and Sandoz), but this is a first for me. I used all of my language skills, speaking Italian, German and French, although most of the English interviews were selected for the film’s international audience.



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