Television         (UK & Germany)

  • 2018: ‘A Discovery of Witches’. For  Sky Television by Bad Wolf Productions. The Mortician. Directed by Juan Carlos Medina.
  • 2010: ‘Tabaluga-Abenteuer-Team’. BSB-Film Medienproduktion for ZDF & KiKa, Germany. Harald Addington, in seven disguises.  Directed by Diana Feil.
  • 2009: ‘Doctors’ for BBC tv. Moretti, the drug dealer. Directed by Terry Iland.                          (See photo above)
  • 2009: ‘Dein Song’BSB-Film Medienproduktion for ZDF, Germany. The Drama Teacher.  Directed by Felix Kost
  • 2008: ‘Bonekickers’ for BBCtv. Playing the German Monk who is delivering sacred bones to safety.    Dir. Nick Hurran for Mammoth Screen.
  • 2001: ‘Urban Gothic’ for Channel 5. Patient Zero. Directed by Ian Knox.
  • 1998: ‘Totally Ridiculous’, Triage Entertainment/ David Zucker, USA. English Bobby. Directed by Jeff Lengyel.
  • 1998: ‘Mach was mit Ihrem Mann’. BSB-Film Medienproduktion for SAT 1, Germany. Desperate Man. Directed by Alfred Bayer.
  • 1998: ‘ARD Mittagsmagazin’. Ifage Filmproduktion. Naschkatze/ Snacking Man. Producer Ronald Knetschke.
  • 1997: ‘Schwarz greift ein’ for SAT 1, Germany. Station Sergeant. Directed by Marco Serafini.
  • 1995: ‘Der Strassenmusikant’. Short film for Hessischer Rundfunk (HR), The Street Musician. Directed & written by Martina Keiffenheim.
  • 1996: ‘Black Hearts in Battersea’ BBC tv Sunday serial. Jobey Payne, highwayman. Directed by David Bell.
  • 1995: ‘Grange Hill’, Children’s BBC tv. Voiceover for roller hockey scenes. Directed by David Bell.
  • 1995: ‘Aquila’ Children’s BBC tv. The Postman. Directed by David Bell.
  • 1994: ‘Grange Hill’, Children’s BBC tv. Graham of the bike shop. Directed by David Bell (BAFTA winner).
  • 1994: ‘ZDF Verbrauchermagazin’. Dictionary Man. Directed by Bettina Schrey
  • 1993: ‘Lifeschool’ BBC Schools’ tv. Darrell Farrell. I also wrote the sketches and songs. Directed by Diane Morgan.
  • 1992-4: ‘Flitterabend’  for ZDF/ WDR/ SWF, Germany. Comedy improvisation in German on big budget, Saturday night show performed to 1,500 people, going out live. Five appearances, five different characters over two years. Produced by Georg Habertheuer.
  • 1992: ‘T-Bag & the Sunstones of Montezuma’. Thames Television’s. Sonny Daze, DJ, with Georgina Hale. Directed by Charles Warren.
  • 1991: ‘SAT1 Kollektion’. (On-screen) Director’s Assistant. BSB-Film Medienproduktion. Directed by Alfred Bayer.
  • 1988: BBC ‘Lenny Henry Christmas Show’. Mafia Chauffeur. Directed by Geoff Posner.
  • 1988: ‘The Bill’, Thames’ . Fred Baer, street trader. Directed by Mary McMurray.
  • 1987 & ’88: ‘Simon & the Witch’, Children’s BBC tv.  Two series. Hopkins, butler to Joan Sims’ butler in cult  series  with Elizabeth Spriggs, Naomie Harris and Nicola Stapleton. Directed by David Bell.
  • 1985: ‘To Have & to Hold’, LWT series. Waiter. Directed by Mary McMurray.
  • 1985: ‘Bluebell for BBC tv. Hitler in Cabaret. Directed by Moira Armstrong.

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