Commercials featuring Joe Grossi

  • 2001: “Klax Max” for PPM, Austria. Moving Target, Vienna. Directed by Dirk Meints & Toni Weiss.
  • 2000 “Swisscom” for Publicis/ Mican Film, Switzerland. Moving Target, Vienna. Phone shop assistant. Directed by Dirk Meints & Toni Weiss.
  • 2000 “Danone Obstgarten” for Dorn in Auge. Voss Film, Germany. Jazz Drummer. Directed by Dina Allgaeuer.
  • 1998: “Dickmann’s Coco Cabana” Panke & Partner, Germany. Beach Guy. Hamburg Film. Directed by Basil.
  • 1997: “McDonald’s Quiz Show” Heye und Partner, Germany. Petersen Naumann.  Contestant. Directed by Rolf Sohlmann.
  • 1996: “Shell – Platte” for O&M, Austria. Comtel Film, Vienna. Van Driver. Directed by Oistein Borge.
  • 1995: “Mercedes Sprinter” for Huth & Wenzel. Caspari Filmproducktion, Düsseldorf. Presenter. Directed by Thomas Caspari.
  • 1995: “Norwegia cheeses” for McCann Erickson, Norway. JBR Films, Oslo. Bullied Man. Directed by Harald Zwart.
  • 1995: “Rhinocaps” nasal spray. Ocean View, Amsterdam. Man in the Cold. Directed by Irwin Steen.
  • 1994: “Volvo 840 SIPS” for Forsmann Bodenfors, Stockholm. Rose Hackney Barber, London. Test Pilot. Directed by David McDonald.
  • 1993: “Delicje Szampanskie”  for O&M, Warsaw. Kleinschek Film, Vienna. Presenter. Directed by Tom Bussmann.
  • 1993: “Jacobs Cappucino” for JWT, Frankfurt. Tom Bussmann Films. Headless Office Worker. Directed by Tom Bussmann.
  • 1992: “Prudential Traffic Jam” for WCRS, London. Lewin & Watson. Chauffeur. Directed by Nick Lewin.
  • 1992: “Amstrad Notepad” for Ardley Phillips Horrell, London. Harry/ Union Films, London. Sceptical User. Directed by Simon Peters.
  • 1992: “Argos Household Sale” for O&M, London. Moving Picture Company. Suit Man. Directed by Jim Franks.
  • 1992: “Colorvision”. Kronfli Productions, Manchester. Astonished Man. Directed by Julian Kronfli.
  • 1991: “Argos Sale” for O&M, London. Moving Picture Company. Suit Man. Directed by Jim Franks.
  • 1990: “Vicks Sinex” for DMB&B, London. Harkness Sayers. Balloon Man. Directed by Hugh Harkness.
  • 1990: “Walls Feast Barber Shop” cinema commercial for Lintas, London. Xenium Films. Barber. Directed by Bryan Loftus.
  • 1989: “Tchibo Sana” for Scholz & friends, Germany. Butterfly Films, Hamburg. Professor.  Directed by Tom Bussmann.
  • 1987: Quality Street Hospital” for BMP DDB, London. Park Village Productions. Visitor. Directed by Roger Woodburn.
  • 1986: “Castella Classic Hospital” for DMB&B, London. Tom Bussmann Films. In Plaster Suit with David Jason. Directed by Tom Bussmann.

Photo modelling (Germany)

  • 2000: ‘Handelsblatt’. Photographer: Claudia Kempf
  • 1999: ‘Kassel NFV’. Photographer: Alexander Baum
  • 1998: ‘STERN’ magazine, standby front page. Photographer: Kajetan Kandler
  • 1998: ‘Sparkasse’. Photographer: Thomas Weccard
  • 1997:  ‘Mr.Chicky’. Photographer: Kajetan Kandler
  • 1992:  ‘HypoBank- Chefs’. Photographer Will Kauffmann
    1995 - polaroid from photoshoot
    1997: as Mr. Chicky (polaroid only). Publicity for a fast food chain in Innsbruck.

    99 Kassel Alex Baum 0016

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